Parma Cold Cut Selection

Salami Felino PGI

Felino is a small town in the province of Parma, nestled on beautiful hills with a unique microclimate. Here is where a salami with a unique taste is born.

The one TastyParma offers is "made just like in the old days" because we believe that when something is perfect, we must keep it that way.

Stuffed into natural pork casing, tied by hand with natural fibre twine, and no added additives.

We also include in our offerings the version in chunks, peeled, wrapped in vegetable paper and aluminium foil and vacuum-packed.

A slice of Salame di Felino, cut a bit "thick" by hand, accompanied with a piece of bread: simply irresistible  

Culatello di Zibello PDO

Known in the world as the "King of cold cuts".

Culatello di Zibello is the heritage and wealth of the unique territory that lies along the great Po River. A humid land, often shrouded in fog, is a decisive factor for the long curing of the masterpiece of all cold cuts. It is one of the most exclusive PDO food, with limited production, protected by the consortium. It is the most lean and noble of cuts with an indescribable flavour.

Its leanness and the product's perfect aging at the time of delivery require it to be consumed in a short time to fully enjoy the characteristics of the product. 

Culatello with rind

It's not a traditional culatello and it is not a prosciutto.

This cold cut, that we can consider "modern", combines the prestigious cut of the culatello maintaining the outer rind of the prosciutto.

This allows maintaining the unique softness and delicacy of the product.

The traditional Culatello di Zibello PDO, being bagged and free of rind, is suitable for consumption in a short period to avoid that it hardens. Culatello with rind has a shorter curing period and is softer thanks to its outer rind (which is removed prior to cutting, like the prosciutto), and is thus more indicated to be consumed in a medium-long term. 

Strolghino di Culatello

The most trendy salami of our territory.

Of a small size, about 200 grams, obtained from the lean part of the culatello. With a brief curing, it is an excellent appetizer, hand cut, sliced a little "thick," it is finished in an instant!


The Strolghino that TastyParma offers is stuffed into natural pork casing, supplied in individually wrapped flow packs or in 5 piece PET packages.

Coppa piacentina and di Parma IGP

It is one of the most typical cold cuts, easy to cut, and enveloping to the palate.

Initially, it was a cut destined only to the family of the pork butcher, but this privilege could not last long.

TastyParma offers you the Coppa Piacentina PGI whole and di Parma PGI half, stuffed into natural casings, tied by hand. 


Also available peeled whole and vacuum packed, ready to use, wrapped in a coupled vegetable-paper and aluminium foil. 

Pancetta della Tradizione

Not all pancettas bound with hand-sewn rind can become " Pancetta della tradizione".

Only the thickest cuts can face a minimum curing of 10 months that give them unique fragrance and aroma.

Extremely sweet, the perfect round slices melt in the mouth; particularly versatile, it is also excellent for use in cooking.


The pancetta that TastyParma offers is a selection of limited production, provided whole or in half. 

Mortadella Bologna PGI

From nearby Bologna, Mortadella could not go missing from TastyParma's selection.

The Bologna PGI is the only mortadella recognized by the European Union.

100% pure pork, with a great aroma, a delicate flavour, versatile in the kitchen, irresistible as an appetizer.


We offer two different cuts, vacuum-packed.  An excellent producer that brings the best of the mortadella in the world.

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