The selection of excellent food products

From the best producers, only the best quality: Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, Culatello..

TastyParma selects the best of our territory's excellent food products to guarantee our clients high quality that is consistent over time.


From the most qualified producers of PDO and PGI delicacies, we choose the best and we offer them to you.


Far from the approach of large distribution, we are reliable and affordable partners in the world of high-class catering.

Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello, cold cuts...

TastyParma invites you to experience the best interpretations of perfect aromas and flavours known all over the world, every time you wish.

Directly from the producers without middle-men. 

Between you and the producer, only TastyParma selection, which guarantees you high professionalism, quality of the individual products in each supply and a management of food logistics that fully respects the freshness of food and their preservation.

When it comes to eating, territories must be incorporated (Jean Brunhes)

Italy is the European country with the largest number of food products with protected and guaranteed designation of origin, and with protected geographical indications recognized by the European Union.


Today, Parma and the Emilia Romagna region boast 43 products recognized and protected by the producers from generation to generation.

Parma, the Food Valley, the capital of flavours

Parma is the first Italian city to be recognized by UNESCO as a "Creative City of Gastronomy".


The heritage that UNESCO intends to protect with this prestigious award includes a mix of culinary skills, excellent food, tradition, talent and innovation.


The EFSA, European Food Safety Authority, resides in Parma, along with ALMA, the international cooking school, directed by Gualtiero Marchesi, one of the most renowned Italian chefs.