PDO and PGE Balsamic Vinegar Art

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia PDO 


Ancient barriques of various sizes, a variety of woods, cooked must and the change of seasons on the hills of our land. A magic alchemy, that only after at least twelve years of aging in barrels and an accurate assessment by the tasting masters receives the classification in the three different labels: red lobster, silver and gold.   


The classification of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is made through very strict criteria established by the PDO product specification, according to aging (12, 15 and 25 years) and the visual characteristics, smell and taste. Real magic. 

The Ancient Village Condiment


From the producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar that TastyParma has selected, we propose aged condiments created from acetified grape must concentrated by evaporation.  

Aged from 4 to 6 years and more, in the various labels yellow, orange and red.

These three products represent the love,  passion and  craftsmanship of the producers.

They do not fall under any product specification, but it's exactly for this reason that they are unique like a painting, and for this reason we wanted them in our selection.  

The possibility of having this sophisticated condiment "Balsamic a porter" also in  single dose 6ml packaging offers the occasion to try, and to bring with you these aromatic balsamic vinegars rich with sensations and aroma.


Available in the versions with  yellow label, where this condiment is perfect for short cooking to flavour meat and fish, and to enhance salads and pinzimonio. The red label is to be tasted raw with fruit, ice cream and cheese.

Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI 


Among the most famous PGI  in Italy and the world.

It is created from grape must, a small percentage of wine vinegar and wise aging of more than three years.



Aging takes place in  oak barrels and it is available in three label varieties, yellow, orange and red for three different uses in the kitchen.

"IL TINELLO" Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI


The three IL TINELLO labels were selected to provide a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI for everyday use in the kitchen.    

The ingredients are the same, like the oak barrels and the experience of the producer. A shorter aging, however  more than two months long, and three colours, perfect for every dish.

From the same line we have selected other varieties of IL TINELLO: white condiment, from apples and from  truffle.


Three labels, three colours and their pairings

  Yellow    Short cooking with meat and fish, marinades, salads, pinzimonio dip

Orange    Cold pasta, sauces, risottos, grilled meat and vegetables, roasts           

   Red        Cooking-free recipes, fruit, ice cream, cheese

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